Exercise of the week: Glute kickback

Following on from last week’s post on how to shape the glute-ham tie-in (or lower part of your bum 🙂 ), here’s another exercise to help you work those specific muscles. 

The glute kickback machine is a great way of targeting your butt muscles (the glutes) and also recruits the hamstrings as a secondary muscle. 

When you do this with proper technique it will give you the burn that not many other exercise can do. 

It is an isolation exercise and I like to use it at the beginning of the workout routine to pre fatigue the muscle and make sure it fires up properly leading into more compound exercises in the workout, such as leg presses & squats. It’s also a great way to finish the workouts to really exhaust the muscle as well.

  • Stand up straight facing the pad with sternum rested against it.
  • Place one foot agains the rear pedal.
  • Push your leg away straightening it by squeezing the glut and pressing your pelvis opposite way.
  • Hold for a second or two.
  • Bring the leg back with control.

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