The Pros & Cons of Competing in Bodybuilding

Competing in bodybuilding, whichever category it is, has it’s positives and negatives. Of course the further up the ranks you go, the harder it gets but the rewards get bigger too! For those of you not familiar with the world of bodybuilding, here’s an example of the categories you usually find in competitions (yes it’sContinue reading “The Pros & Cons of Competing in Bodybuilding”

Workout of the Week: Legs

Ah, the joy of training legs! Big muscles, big effort, big pain – yet big satisfaction! No other workout makes me feel better then getting through a leg session. Superset: Single leg lying hamstring curl – 4 sets x12 reps each leg; temp: 3secs down, 1sec pause, explode up, 2secs pause (squeeze); rest 10 secsContinue reading “Workout of the Week: Legs”

Workout of the Week: Triceps & Biceps

Women shouldn’t workout arms? Said who? If you want to be in the best shape ever, you can’t leave a single body part behind!   Single Arm Cable Tricep Extension – 3 sets x15 reps each arm; tempo: 3secs up (release), 1sec pause, explosive pull down, 2secs squeeze. Superset: Barbell Tricep Press – 4 setsContinue reading “Workout of the Week: Triceps & Biceps”

The Best Exercises to Activate Your Glutes

By Adrianna McDonald There is a misconception that squats are a girl’s best friend when it comes to booty development. The truth is that squats are a multi-joint exercise and work the whole leg including the glutes but they shouldn’t be your primary glute exercise. The glutes are a large muscle group and respond wellContinue reading “The Best Exercises to Activate Your Glutes”

Workout of the Week: Shoulders

“As an IFBB pro bikini athlete, I know the importance of a pair of stacked shoulder caps. They’re the key to any well-rounded physique and can make your shoulders appear wider, your waist smaller, and your hips narrower. Strong shoulders mean balance, symmetry, and proportion.” – IFBB bikini pro athlete Brittany Tacy. Seated Lateral Raise -2Continue reading “Workout of the Week: Shoulders”

Beginner’s Guide Part 2: Avoid These 5 Mistakes if You are New to the Gym

By Alan Bichara I was a beginner once at the gym as well and I started knowing very little or at least I thought I knew a lot, but turns out I had the wrong information from friends or the internet. I will list down the 5 most common mistakes people make when they decide toContinue reading “Beginner’s Guide Part 2: Avoid These 5 Mistakes if You are New to the Gym”

Workout of the week: Back

As we are getting closer to my competition, I’ll be sharing with you the full workouts I do with my trainer. Let’s start with one of my favourites 🙂 The back workout:   Single Arm Cable Lat Pulldown – 3 sets x15 reps each arm; tempo: 3secs down, 1sec pause, 3 secs up, 1 secContinue reading “Workout of the week: Back”

Beginner’s Fitness Guide Part 1: Which exercises should you start with?

Welcome to this new 5-part guide on how to get started with your health & fitness journey. Working with experienced coaches from Pinnacle Performance, each week you will discover a new post filled with helpful fitness tips and insights. Ready to start? Let’s look at which exercises you should include in your new fitness routine. PartContinue reading “Beginner’s Fitness Guide Part 1: Which exercises should you start with?”

Exercise of the Week: Tire Flip

The tire flip is a part of strongman training (ak.a functional training). It improves strength, power development and conditioning. The flip looks simple but don’t get fooled by the size of this tire – it is relatively heavy!!! The movement should be generated from the lower body. Your arms should be slightly bent in a comfortable position,Continue reading “Exercise of the Week: Tire Flip”

Exercise of the week: Walking Cable Squats

The walking squat will prepare your legs and core for a typical “leg routine”. This exercise is perfect for the start of your leg workout and a warm up for squats as well as a great finisher during a quad session. The idea here is to go heavy and stay low in the squat positionContinue reading “Exercise of the week: Walking Cable Squats”