Elliott Speed: Should I have a Personal Trainer?

By Elliott Speed

In a modern day society staying healthy can be a difficult task: there can be so many distractions as well as a lack of knowledge about what a person should be doing and when to do it.

Going to a gym can often be an intimidating experience for many, and for those who do not go to a gym regularly, to get up and decide to make a positive change in your life takes a lot of self motivation.

Benefits of PT

However, this is often not enough. The idea of going to the gym can often be as far as it gets – timings are not right, you can’t fit it in, feeling of stress from work, lack of knowledge on what to do in the gym and many more.

This is where hiring a personal trainer can really help, the majority of people to do not know how to exercise efficiently. A personal trainer should make sure that every exercise being performed is done so correctly and should be making sure that the muscles being used are constantly contracting throughout the movement.

However, Personal Training is much more than teaching a person how to exercise, motivation is key. A Trainer should always be able to motivate you whether it be to reach your goals or make a lifestyle change.

If you are not being motivated then maybe that trainer is not suited to you and your goals. This doesn’t mean they are a bad PT – it is important to acknowledge that all trainers have something different to offer you and it can often be a case of trial and error in order to find the best person suited to you.

Elliott blogThe relationship between a trainer and their client is vital to achieve results. The journey of transforming your body is a difficult one, training hurts & dieting is hard, despite this there is no better feeling than seeing results! Having a trainer to push you through the difficult times as well as making you train consistently will ensure results.

Your results should be constantly monitored to make sure you stay on track with your goals whether it’s body fat measurements or progress photos. Before you know it your training is part of your routine and your results become an addiction!

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