About Miranda

Hi there,

My name is Miranda and I am a nutrition resident at Dr. Kara Fitzgerald’s Functional Medicine Clinic. I’m currently completing my board certification from the American Nutrition Association and hold a MSc degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. I’m also a certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, Life Coach and Neurolinguistic practitioner.

I am very passionate about health and nutrition. In fact I left my job in media to focus on this passion full time.

My own health journey is constantly evolving. I have gone through serious digestive upset for several years before curing myself through food, to competing in bodybuilding shows and then rediscovering the power of food in fixing my hormonal and gut imbalances.

This personal journey and my insatiable curiosity led me to where I am today – learning about functional nutrition and its ability to restore optimal health.

I’m also interested in positive and food psychology – after all it is the mind that has the upper hand when it comes to our eating behaviour and other healthy habits.

As I progress through my studies, experience and research, I’ll be sharing with you the knowledge I learn along on this blog.

I have no agenda, other than inspiring you to make empowered and informed decisions about your health & lifestyle!

5 thoughts on “About Miranda

  1. Great Story, Keep it up and have a bless and healthy journey. Inspired with your introduction and looking forward to see your progress and journey toward successful path.


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