Miranda is a Clinical Nutritionist holding a MSc degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. She is currently a nutrition resident at Dr. Kara Fitzgerald’s Functional Medicine Clinic and is completing her board certification from the American Nutrition Association. She is also a certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, Life Coach and Neurolinguistic practitioner.

Miranda’s own health journey began with serious digestive upset for several years before healing herself through food, competing in bodybuilding shows and, later on, rediscovering the power of nutrition in improving her hormonal and gut imbalances.

Her personal journey and insatiable curiosity led Miranda to where she is today – practicing functional nutrition to help achieve optimal health.

She is also interested in positive and food psychology – after all it is the mind that has the upper hand when it comes to our eating behaviour and other healthy habits.

Her philosophy is that eating healthy is not about dieting or weight loss – it is about fuelling your body and allowing it to thrive. Through her gentle and well-structured guidance, Miranda can support you on your wellness journey, whether that is to achieve improved digestive health, mental focus, athletic performance or to simply feel better!

There is only one rule in my book – eat real (whole) food!

– Miranda Kusi

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  1. Great Story, Keep it up and have a bless and healthy journey. Inspired with your introduction and looking forward to see your progress and journey toward successful path.


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