About Miranda

Hi there,
I’m a certified life coach and NLP practitioner and a graduate student in Masters of Nutrition. I am very passionate about health & fitness. In fact I left my job in media to focus on these two passions full time.

My health and fitness journey is constantly evolving. Originally my focus was more on fitness, having competed in UKBFF and IFBB events in 2016. Currently my focus is more on harnessing the power of the mind to achieve success inside and outside the gym.

I’m also a big foodie, so studying how food can change our lives (literally!) is another passion of mine.

As I progress through my studies and research, you can expect to read various blog posts on nutrition, fitness and holistic wellness.

I have no agenda, other than inspiring you to make empowered and informed decisions about your health & lifestyle.

Contact me at: inspiredbymiranda@gmail.com

5 responses to “About Miranda

  1. Great Story, Keep it up and have a bless and healthy journey. Inspired with your introduction and looking forward to see your progress and journey toward successful path.


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