The best workout you have ever created

By Kevin Cooper

We, more often than not, have an idea about how we wish to look and be in a particular shape but do we know where to start? Yes find a trainer and get started but do we really grasp the concept of exercise execution and selection?

This is truly where our industry becomes unique and challenging all in one. We do believe that making basic selections in the beginning phases play a crucial part in the execution of more complex movements and exercises at a later stage.

We can honestly waffle along in gym rat jargon all day on this topic but till you physically drag your newly motivated self to the gym and actually learn what movement is for yourself then all our technical talk will go in one ear and out the other.

The gym environment is intimidating indeed, especially when the knuckle daggers are making crazy amounts of noise and grunting on every rep. But it is what it is and there are great members out there who spot the newbie and are willing to assist.

sporty people

Ask questions, make mistakes, have a laugh…. I urge you to spend an hour in the gym learn new things and try all forms of equipment . Once you have an idea what movement is and how your body reacts, then you can have a more educated approach in designing your own program. This creates personal empowerment and your journey becomes a whole lot more meaningful.

Some prefer to have a program in hand and parrot-learn what needs to be done but is there real value in that journey? Seek first to understand!

By taking ownership and a self driven initiative one learns invaluable lessons in this craft of exercise. We often pull program templates from the net but that is created by someone else – don’t you think designing your own program means taking responsibility for yourself and reaping the harvest of your future success?

Happy training and exploring, peeps and be sure to enjoy the process rather than the destination!


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