4 (Delicious) Ways to Ease a Cold

Got a cold? Here are the top 4 immune system boosters that can help ease the symptoms of the common cold:


Vitamin CDepositphotos_1805583_original.jpg
We have all been told to take vitamin C when we feel under the weather. But have you ever
wondered why? Vitamin C has been shown to have antihistamine properties which could help
dry up a runny nose. What’s more is that although Vitamin C doesn’t prevent colds, it can shorten the duration of your cold by one or two days (hooray!). Pass me the lemons!
Bonus tip:
Hot liquids are often soothing when fighting a cold, so a cup of hot water with lemon (and you can add ginger too!) should be your drink of choice.



Apart from supporting the immune system to resist infection, zinc can help sooth the throat. Studies have shown that zinc lozenges help to kill viruses and can shorten the duration of cold symptoms, especially those related to the throat. It also prevents too much mucus from building up. In fact, many claim zinc is more effective than vitamin C when it comes to fighting colds.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another nutrient essential for a healthy immune system and therefore should be taken in the long-term and not just during colds (in fact, it will not help during the illness). Vitamin D prevents colds by helping produce cathelicidin, a protein with virus-killing qualities. Therefore, it is important to keep adequate vitamin D levels throughout the year.

Omega 3s

Who knew that a fatty fish can boost your immune system?

Seafood Collage

“Omega 3s increase the activity of phagocytes—cells that fight flu by eating up bacteria—according to a study by Britain’s Institute of Human Nutrition and School of Medicine. Other research shows that omega-3s increase airflow and protect lungs from colds and respiratory infections.” –

Bonus Tip: If you’re bored of the traditional chicken soup remedy, why not try a salmon-based soup, such as the russian soup “Uha”? This way you can also top up your vitamin D levels.

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