2018 Wellness Trends

Here we are at the end of January and there have been plenty of new trends in the health and wellbeing field. Industry experts predict that 2018 will see moringa (a “super” anti-inflammatory green) replace turmeric, collagen overtake protein powders and “nootropic” (brain boosters/cognitive enhancers) supplements climb the top of the popularity list. Other trendsContinue reading “2018 Wellness Trends”

Why do People Fail?

In the last post we talked about the philosophy of NLP and the basic principle of focusing on what you do want, rather than on what you don’t want. So if success was so easy to achieve why do so many people fail? Let’s see… How many times have we taken advice from the wrong people?Continue reading “Why do People Fail?”

Dodging the Stress Bullets

Recently I listened to part of Pedram Shojai’s New York Times best selling book – The Urban Monk: Eastern Wisdom and Modern Hacks to Stop Time and Find Success, Happiness, and Peace. It was quite interesting and a good reminder to live in the moment and make the best of it. We often think that withContinue reading “Dodging the Stress Bullets”

Calories and Optimal Food Intake – Part 2

In the Paul‘s last post we looked at the basics about calories and metabolism. Now let’s see how calories affect weight management: Whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain weight, or gain more, calories matter. Calorie restriction is counterproductive and does not work because when you consume less energy than your body requires, the body adapts.Continue reading “Calories and Optimal Food Intake – Part 2”

Chocolate Chip Brownie with a Twist

Who does not love brownies?! Unfortunately traditional recipes are full of empty calories which could sabotage your efforts for a healthy lifestyle. But don’t despair yet! PT & mom of two Adrianna has put together a healthier and less caloric version for you with her secret ingredient: black beans. These brownies are yummilicious and they comeContinue reading “Chocolate Chip Brownie with a Twist”

5 Ways To Battle Fatigue

Today we live in a fast-paced world full of stress and anxiety and sadly it has become all too common to feel tired all the time. In fact, the situation is so dire that chronic fatigue syndrome is now an officially recognised illness. If ever there was a better time to take a step backContinue reading “5 Ways To Battle Fatigue”

Finding motivation: the first step is always the hardest!

This week the question “Where do I start?” has been thrown at me a few times. “You are so fit, how do you do it?” Well, you know the saying – where there is a will, there is a way! So if you have been asking yourself (or others) this question, well done – youContinue reading “Finding motivation: the first step is always the hardest!”

20 Ways to Beat Stress

Last week I was lucky to attend a stress management workshop by Heidi Jones, a Dubai-based integrative health & nutrition coach. Read below to find out what I have learned. Most of us are living a busy, fast-paced life where 24 hours never seem enough. All sorts of pressures & deadlines loom over our heads, making usContinue reading “20 Ways to Beat Stress”

Peanut Butter Protein Balls

When looking for quick fix which can help me keep up with my protein intake I make this ever so easy snack balls. You can add honey, maple, agave syrup or sweetener of your choice but for me less is more 😉 All you need is: 2 TBS of organic peanut butter (I use organic,Continue reading “Peanut Butter Protein Balls”

Adrianna on: Hormones and weight loss

By Adrianna McDonald Hormones are enormously responsible for weight gain. They behave differently depending on which tissue they are acting in and never work in isolation. Estrogen acts different in the brain, in the uterus, and in your fat cells. Other hormones may accentuate or block estrogen’s actions, i.e a large amount of testosterone may decrease estrogen’s impact on femaleContinue reading “Adrianna on: Hormones and weight loss”