Forget Crunches, This is How You Get a Thinner Waist

By Adrianna McDonald A small, thin waistline is every girl’s dream. We are all born with different genetics and some are blessed more than others. What most women donโ€™t realize is that traditional crunches and common abdominal exercises can widen your waist instead of slimming it. But there is a way to get a strongerContinue reading “Forget Crunches, This is How You Get a Thinner Waist”

Flexible Dieting or If It Fits Your Macros

This week we hear from trigger point master trainer and level 3 certified PT Alan Bichara about flexible dieting and interval training. “Being professionally certified for the past 5 years and personally practicing different methods of fitness for the last 10years, I have simplified my craft to be very effective and efficient. My job asContinue reading “Flexible Dieting or If It Fits Your Macros”