Top 5 Documentaries That Will Change The Way You Think About Food

Hi there!

How’s your week going? Tough? Bored? Exasperated?! Well if you are in need of a distraction / relaxation / mental refresh then I’ve got something for you 🙂

Why not watch these interesting documentaries and open your eyes to the hidden secretes of the food industry. You would be surprised how much goes on before our food is put on our plate!

So here we go, my top picks are:

1. Hungry for change

2. Origins (You can watch the full movie here )

3. Our Daily Bread 

4. Food, Inc.

5. Super Size Me

And finally a new Australian film that has come out this year and I can’t wait to watch (no, this has nothing to do with my Aussie obsession, ok may be a little bit 😉 ):