Exercise of the week: Sumo Deadlift & Leg Curl Superset

As mentioned previously legs are a key part of my workout programme. On leg day my trainer and I use a combination of supersets and individual exercises. A superset refers to performing two or more exercises back to back with little to no rest in between. This really pushes the muscles to work hard and burnsContinue reading “Exercise of the week: Sumo Deadlift & Leg Curl Superset”

Exercise of the week: The Squat

As any experienced gym-goer would tell you, there is no leg day without squats! This functional exercise not only works your legs, but also the entire lower body and core. Many would call the squat as one of the best exercises for both muscle-building and fat loss. However, it’s also one of the most difficult exercises toContinue reading “Exercise of the week: The Squat”