Beginner’s Guide Part 4: The Supplements You Shouldn’t be Taking

By Laura Smith Supplements are a multi-billion-dollar industry, and unless you have been living in a cave for the past twenty years, you probably have numerous supplements that you have bought over the years after being advised to do so by friends or family, or possibly reading some information on the internet. However, there’s aContinue reading “Beginner’s Guide Part 4: The Supplements You Shouldn’t be Taking”

Reblog: Protein Powders 101

A lot of you may be wondering about protein powders… Should I be taking them? Which one should I buy? How often? And so on. Read a summary of fellow blogger Deniza’s guide to protein powders to help you make the right decision.     Guide to Protein Powders: Which kind is best for what?Continue reading “Reblog: Protein Powders 101”

Supplementation 101: Amino Acids

Yet another pro on the list of contributors of this blog. This week we will hear from Elliott Speed on the importance of supplementation and personal training. “Since a very early age I have been an avid sportsman, which led me into both playing and coaching at a very high level. This has implemented aContinue reading “Supplementation 101: Amino Acids”

Protein Powders vs Real Protein

By Adrianna McDonald There is no doubt and never will be about the importance of protein in your diet. It is an essential nutrient that helps the body to build, repair and maintain its organs, cells and tissues. You can meet your daily protein requirements whether you drink shakes and/or eat whole foods, but nutritionContinue reading “Protein Powders vs Real Protein”

To Supp or Not to Supp?

A Modern Day Dilemma Supplements… where do I start? In a paradoxical world where some people are malnourished due to scarce resources and other are malnourished due to poor diet one has to wonder what is the best way to get the nutrients we need. Enter the supplements – a modern phenomenon of adding man-madeContinue reading “To Supp or Not to Supp?”