Mind Over Matter

You may be shocked if I said that you create your own reality or you may be not. But one thing is for sure – the power of our thinking is acknowledged more and more as a major influence to our quality of life. The most familiar example would be stress. When we are stressedContinue reading “Mind Over Matter”

Why do People Fail?

In the last post we talked about the philosophy of NLP and the basic principle of focusing on what you do want, rather than on what you don’t want. So if success was so easy to achieve why do so many people fail? Let’s see… How many times have we taken advice from the wrong people?Continue reading “Why do People Fail?”

What is NLP?

You probably already know about my certification and you’re wondering what exactly is NLP? Well it is good to wonder… because when we ask questions we learn new things. And when we learn new things we grow, which is a good thing, is it not? Definition of NLP Back to NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming.Continue reading “What is NLP?”

Why I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! It’s day 2 of 2016 and you have probably already made some resolutions for the rest of the year. But will you stick to them? And are resolutions really useful? Personally, I don’t believe NY resolutions really work – they’re more like a tradition which people follow blindly and forget about theContinue reading “Why I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions”

3 Tips to Help You Stay Consistent and Achieve Success

There are many ingredients in the recipe for success – drive, determination, opportunity, perseverance, creativity, courage, strength, passion and more. However, we often overlook one key characteristic – consistency. Without that no great success has been achieved. Of course, there are the rare cases of overnight success, but even those stories have had some backgroundContinue reading “3 Tips to Help You Stay Consistent and Achieve Success”

Life Matters: Why I Always Prep for the Week Ahead

Hello weekend! Time to catch up on sleep and relax right? But oh there is so much to do! See friends & movies (or both if you like to multitask!), do the house chores, get involved in your favourite hobby and get ready for the week ahead. Wait, by the time you get to theContinue reading “Life Matters: Why I Always Prep for the Week Ahead”