Holiday Tips Part 3 – The Importance of R&R

R&R – rest & recreation… How much of that do we get in our daily lives? If you, like most people, are just “living for the weekend”, then a holiday is the perfect chance to catch up on some much needed sleep or relax your mind by staying active and pursuing a hobby. “To travelContinue reading “Holiday Tips Part 3 – The Importance of R&R”

Kim on Why Sleep is Vital to Muscle Recovery

By Kim Barnard Not many people know that during a workout you are actually breaking down your muscles. In particular, when you do strength training or lift weights, the muscle fibers are broken down and will tear. It is the repairing of these small tears that creates stronger muscles. Sleep is the most important time for your bodyContinue reading “Kim on Why Sleep is Vital to Muscle Recovery”

5 Ways To Battle Fatigue

Today we live in a fast-paced world full of stress and anxiety and sadly it has become all too common to feel tired all the time. In fact, the situation is so dire that chronic fatigue syndrome is now an officially recognised illness. If ever there was a better time to take a step backContinue reading “5 Ways To Battle Fatigue”