Reblog: Protein Powders 101

A lot of you may be wondering about protein powders… Should I be taking them? Which one should I buy? How often? And so on. Read a summary of fellow blogger Deniza’s guide to protein powders to help you make the right decision.     Guide to Protein Powders: Which kind is best for what?Continue reading “Reblog: Protein Powders 101”

Calories and Optimal Food Intake – Part 2

In the Paul‘s last post we looked at the basics about calories and metabolism. Now let’s see how calories affect weight management: Whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain weight, or gain more, calories matter. Calorie restriction is counterproductive and does not work because when you consume less energy than your body requires, the body adapts.Continue reading “Calories and Optimal Food Intake – Part 2”

Food, Food and, Yes, More Food!

Allow me to introduce my latest contributor. Kevin Cooper, Personal Trainer and Business Manager at Pinnacle Performance has been running in the fitness industry “marathon” since 2001. “Lots has been learned and more to be achieved” is his comment when asked to describe himself. I am very excited that Kevin will share his vast insights.Continue reading “Food, Food and, Yes, More Food!”

Peanut Butter Protein Balls

When looking for quick fix which can help me keep up with my protein intake I make this ever so easy snack balls. You can add honey, maple, agave syrup or sweetener of your choice but for me less is more 😉 All you need is: 2 TBS of organic peanut butter (I use organic,Continue reading “Peanut Butter Protein Balls”

Protein Powders vs Real Protein

By Adrianna McDonald There is no doubt and never will be about the importance of protein in your diet. It is an essential nutrient that helps the body to build, repair and maintain its organs, cells and tissues. You can meet your daily protein requirements whether you drink shakes and/or eat whole foods, but nutritionContinue reading “Protein Powders vs Real Protein”

How and What to Eat Pre-Intra-Post Workout

By Adrianna McDonald As I stated before in the article about Nutrition Timing what and when you eat depends on your health and fitness goals. You are unique and what will be right for you, may not be right for someone else. An endurance athlete will eat differently to a bodybuilder who wants to put on sizeContinue reading “How and What to Eat Pre-Intra-Post Workout”

Adrianna on: Meal Timing

Meal or nutrient timing refers to eating nutrients (protein or carbs) in specific amount at specific times (before, during, or after exercise). In terms of sports nutrition, different meals should be eaten at different times of the day: Post workout meals should be higher in carbs, especially faster-digesting starchy carbs (such as potatoes or rice)Continue reading “Adrianna on: Meal Timing”

About protein and why you need it

Last week Adrianna shared with you my over all macro composition in this post. Today we will look at one of those macros and why it should take up the majority of your nutrition plan. Eating protein with every meal will help stabilise your blood sugar levels and keep you feeling full for longer. ThereContinue reading “About protein and why you need it”

To Supp or Not to Supp?

A Modern Day Dilemma Supplements… where do I start? In a paradoxical world where some people are malnourished due to scarce resources and other are malnourished due to poor diet one has to wonder what is the best way to get the nutrients we need. Enter the supplements – a modern phenomenon of adding man-madeContinue reading “To Supp or Not to Supp?”

Protein Pots Part 2: For the Sweet Tooth

Here we are again. It’s the weekend.. or should I say ‘it was‘? As always, days off vanish in a blur before we even know it. And of course for busy bees like us, what are we to do if we want to stay healthy but don’t really have the time? Fear not, there’s always aContinue reading “Protein Pots Part 2: For the Sweet Tooth”