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My First Interview as a Fitness Competitor :)

So You Wanna Look Like A Fitness Model? Find out what it takes in DFF’s exclusive interview with pro body builder Miranda!

“Most people think of bodybuilding as a sport for massive men. The truth is in the name itself – “body” and “building”. The sport is about building an aesthetically pleasing body, and anyone can do that!” – Miranda

Aesthetics is often the goal when people first begin their fitness journey, and there’s a sport dedicated to just that, Body Building. The DFF team hung out with Miranda, the 2016 UK BFF winner, pro body builder and blog author. In her interview she gives insights into her diet and training, as well as the lifestyle changes that have helped her achieve her goals. Think you have what it takes? Read on to find out more.

You can also keep up with Miranda’s Journey on her website and on social meda @InspiredbyMiranda



Read the full interview to find out my training & diet schedule on the link below: