Top 5 Reasons why we need Vitamin B

This week nutritionist and PT Laura Smith will take us through 5 important reasons to keep an eye out on our vitamin B levels. Firstly, let’s think about what would be the possible reason for us not to ingest the amount of petty little B’s we would need to function and thrive optimally. B vitaminsContinue reading “Top 5 Reasons why we need Vitamin B”

Adrianna on: Hormones and weight loss

By Adrianna McDonald Hormones are enormously responsible for weight gain. They behave differently depending on which tissue they are acting in and never work in isolation. Estrogen acts different in the brain, in the uterus, and in your fat cells. Other hormones may accentuate or block estrogen’s actions, i.e a large amount of testosterone may decrease estrogen’s impact on femaleContinue reading “Adrianna on: Hormones and weight loss”

How These 3 Vitamin Deficiencies Can Wreck Your Life

Hello friends! Once again I have been quiet for a bit… and this time it’s just because… well I was too tired. You know the kind of tired that even rest can’t help, and everyone tells you it’s just stress. But is it just stress? You know sometimes you get some vague symptoms that no oneContinue reading “How These 3 Vitamin Deficiencies Can Wreck Your Life”