Holiday Tips Part 3 – The Importance of R&R

R&R – rest & recreation… How much of that do we get in our daily lives? If you, like most people, are just “living for the weekend”, then a holiday is the perfect chance to catch up on some much needed sleep or relax your mind by staying active and pursuing a hobby. β€œTo travelContinue reading “Holiday Tips Part 3 – The Importance of R&R”

Holiday Tips Part 2 – Spicing up Your Diet

Being on holiday means… Fighting temptation! It doesn’t have to be all tough and rough though. Going on vacation actually gives you opportunities to reinvent your diet dishes and try new ways of cooking. Being on holiday in the Mediterranean, my protein sources have been predominantly fishy (coming from a person who does not likeContinue reading “Holiday Tips Part 2 – Spicing up Your Diet”

Holiday Tips Part 1 – The No Gym Workout

On holiday? Don’t have access to a gym? Don’t worry, here’s what you can do (apart from the good ol’ body weight exercises!): All you need is a few resistance bands (providing a resistance of 5-30 kg): And an anchor… Literally! Of course the sun & sea will give you an extra boost of motivation…Continue reading “Holiday Tips Part 1 – The No Gym Workout”

Travel Workout Kit – What to Pack

Summer is in full swing and if you haven’t gone on holiday already, you most likely are planning to go somewhere soon! Whether going for a few days or for a few weeks, vacations shouldn’t be used as an excuse to slack off and cause a lot of damage to your health. They do, however,Continue reading “Travel Workout Kit – What to Pack”