The Best Exercises to Activate Your Glutes

By Adrianna McDonald There is a misconception that squats are a girl’s best friend when it comes to booty development. The truth is that squats are a multi-joint exercise and work the whole leg including the glutes but they shouldn’t be your primary glute exercise. The glutes are a large muscle group and respond wellContinue reading “The Best Exercises to Activate Your Glutes”

Exercise of the week: Wide Leg Press

The leg press is a great exercise for strengthening and growing your leg muscles, despite it being considered as much easier than squats. A 45 degree leg press machine has a seat in which the body reclines at an angle and the leg press is in an upward diagonal direction using a sled mechanism. This versionContinue reading “Exercise of the week: Wide Leg Press”

Exercise of the week: Romanian Deadlift

Now that I am 14 and a half weeks out from the competition, training and nutrition are really starting to take the spotlight in my daily routine. Of course, training is key in getting my body ready for the stage takes a lot of hard work in the gym. I always start my week withContinue reading “Exercise of the week: Romanian Deadlift”