Road Trip

Life is like a road trip – always look ahead, but don’t forget to check the rear-view mirror once in a while.

It’s about the journey. Don’t forget to enjoy life at every opportunity you get.

Life will through obstacles at you but you’ve got to push through!

Yes, sometimes you need to take a break.

But don’t forget to get back up and smash it!

And have fun with your friends!


Life Outside The Gym

Last week I wrote about why I decided to do a fitness competition and challenge myself to take my health & fitness to the next level.

After reading that post you may be wondering whether all I do is count macros and workout on top of having a full time job.

Well I still do have a life (yes, really!) and do get to have fun… as long as I have prioritised and managed my time efficiently.

That new Star Wars movie got me like: “BB-8 I’ll save you!”

For example, I have 1 rest day mid-week which means that the evening before I can go to bed a bit later than usual. Typically that evening I would go out with friends for a movie or a good dose of laughter.

And then of course there are the weekends. Normally I split my weekends in two – rest & recreation. On the first day of the weekend I always try to do something fun and different. From karaoke to trekking – there’s always something to spice things up, especially if you have the right company.

See to truly enjoy the weekend it is important to be open minded and spontaneous. Example: yesterday was Christmas. My original plan didn’t go to plan (pun intended) but luckily a good friend of mine was invited to Christmas dinner party where I got to meet loads of interesting people and a snowman 😀

And on the second & last day of our (extremely short) weekend I try to get a bit of rest and get ready for the week ahead. Sometimes this would involve an early morning yoga class, followed by a bit of grocery shopping and other household tasks and ending with some quality time in bed or on the sofa with books & TV series 😀

See? There’s so much you can fit in 48 hours!