My First Interview as a Fitness Competitor :)

So You Wanna Look Like A Fitness Model? Find out what it takes in DFF’s exclusive interview with pro body builder Miranda! “Most people think of bodybuilding as a sport for massive men. The truth is in the name itself – “body” and “building”. The sport is about building an aesthetically pleasing body, and anyoneContinue reading “My First Interview as a Fitness Competitor :)”

On Stage

View this post on Instagram If you set your mind to it, you can achieve your goals. #ukbff #champion #bikinifitness #goals #fitnesscomp #ifbb #bodybuilding #bodysculpting A post shared by Inspired by Miranda (@inspiredbymiranda) on Apr 23, 2016 at 6:20am PDT   Last week I won my first ever bikini fitness competition. Wow! I still can’tContinue reading “On Stage”

Last Workout Before the Big Day!

262 workouts. 1.16 million kg lifted, pushed & dragged. 9% body fat dropped. View this post on Instagram Last workout before the big day – done! Time to shine on stage and show off all the hard work 😄 #fitnesscomp #fitnessmodel #bikinifitness #beastmode #fitness #bodybuilding #chickswholift @train_sf A post shared by Inspired by Miranda (@inspiredbymiranda)Continue reading “Last Workout Before the Big Day!”

Exercise of the week: Prowler Push

The prowler push can be used for variety of purposes like adding a size and strength to both the upper and lower body and conditioning to name few. The concentric-only nature of prowler exercises provides less soreness, so can be performed more frequently. It works well at the end of a workout – one ofContinue reading “Exercise of the week: Prowler Push”

Exercise of the week: Arnold Dumbbell Press

The Arnold dumbbell press is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s all time favourite shoulder exercise invented by the man himself. It can work different parts of the deltoid in one exercise, great for the front and side heads of the delts. The extra stretch and range of motion you get through this exercise ensures that you recruit moreContinue reading “Exercise of the week: Arnold Dumbbell Press”

Exercise of the week: Sled drag

Sled dragging is a great strength and conditioning exercise with many benefits. As there is less muscular tension and reduced joint loading, there is much less risk of injury and muscle damage & soreness. This also makes it a good lower-body rehabilitation exercise for those recovering from knee, ankle or hip injuries.  Doing sled dragsContinue reading “Exercise of the week: Sled drag”

The Importance of Routine

Getting ready for a competition isn’t easy. A lot of people think the hardest part is the training, and although working out consistently is important, staying organized and disciplined the remaining 22-23 hours is when the going gets tough. As many have said: anyone can workout for an hour, the hard work is outside theContinue reading “The Importance of Routine”

Exercise of the week: Cable straight arm pulldown

    This is standing variation of the pulldown, the angle is different so the weight needs to be lighter than standard lat pull. It’s a great exercise for lat isolation. The way Miranda does it allows you for bigger ROM (range of motion). It is one of the best ways to optimally shorten theContinue reading “Exercise of the week: Cable straight arm pulldown”

Exercise of the week: Underhand Grip Lat Pulldown

By Adrianna McDonald There’s pretty much no workout without a lat pull down variation. You can change your grip and angle and there are many bars you can choose from. In the video below,  Miranda is doing the supinated ( underhand grip) straight bar variation, which allows her to involve more of the biceps. UsuallyContinue reading “Exercise of the week: Underhand Grip Lat Pulldown”