On Stage

View this post on Instagram If you set your mind to it, you can achieve your goals. #ukbff #champion #bikinifitness #goals #fitnesscomp #ifbb #bodybuilding #bodysculpting A post shared by Inspired by Miranda (@inspiredbymiranda) on Apr 23, 2016 at 6:20am PDT   Last week I won my first ever bikini fitness competition. Wow! I still can’tContinue reading “On Stage”

Last Workout Before the Big Day!

262 workouts. 1.16 million kg lifted, pushed & dragged. 9% body fat dropped. View this post on Instagram Last workout before the big day – done! Time to shine on stage and show off all the hard work 😄 #fitnesscomp #fitnessmodel #bikinifitness #beastmode #fitness #bodybuilding #chickswholift @train_sf A post shared by Inspired by Miranda (@inspiredbymiranda)Continue reading “Last Workout Before the Big Day!”

Exercise of the week: Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are great part of Strongman training and a great conditioning exercise. I love using them as an addition to a weight training programme especially closer to competition date. Here is why: Conditioning: * prepares you for battle and fires up metabolism * makes you lean and hard. * gives you great body *Continue reading “Exercise of the week: Battle Ropes”

Exercise of the week: Reverse Lunge Step-up

The reverse lunge step-up is a functional, unilateral, multi-joint movement that has a high carry-over to many activities of daily living and sport. This combination enables bigger range of motion at the hip and the balance required in the high step-up calls more muscles into play, producing fuller, shapelier development. Go high, go deep andContinue reading “Exercise of the week: Reverse Lunge Step-up”

Adrianna on: Macronutrients vs Calories

By Adrianna McDonald You may wonder is a calorie just calorie? Do I eat whatever I want as long I’m in a calorie deficit? Well, lets make it clear… Calories are indeed a measure of energy and weight, change depends on the balance between: energy in vs energy out. Energy out can be: physical activityContinue reading “Adrianna on: Macronutrients vs Calories”

Adrianna on: The Truth About Salt

By Adrianna McDonald Previously in the bodybuilding industry, and still in many world organisations, salt is seen as bad but there is a major difference between processed table salt and real sea salt. Sodium (in salt) is an essential electrolyte which carries out vital functions in the body, from maintaining fluid balance and regulating blood volumeContinue reading “Adrianna on: The Truth About Salt”

Exercise of the week: Cable straight arm pulldown

    This is standing variation of the pulldown, the angle is different so the weight needs to be lighter than standard lat pull. It’s a great exercise for lat isolation. The way Miranda does it allows you for bigger ROM (range of motion). It is one of the best ways to optimally shorten theContinue reading “Exercise of the week: Cable straight arm pulldown”

How and What to Eat Pre-Intra-Post Workout

By Adrianna McDonald As I stated before in the article about Nutrition Timing what and when you eat depends on your health and fitness goals. You are unique and what will be right for you, may not be right for someone else. An endurance athlete will eat differently to a bodybuilder who wants to put on sizeContinue reading “How and What to Eat Pre-Intra-Post Workout”

Exercise of the week: Underhand Grip Lat Pulldown

By Adrianna McDonald There’s pretty much no workout without a lat pull down variation. You can change your grip and angle and there are many bars you can choose from. In the video below,  Miranda is doing the supinated ( underhand grip) straight bar variation, which allows her to involve more of the biceps. UsuallyContinue reading “Exercise of the week: Underhand Grip Lat Pulldown”

Adrianna on: Meal Timing

Meal or nutrient timing refers to eating nutrients (protein or carbs) in specific amount at specific times (before, during, or after exercise). In terms of sports nutrition, different meals should be eaten at different times of the day: Post workout meals should be higher in carbs, especially faster-digesting starchy carbs (such as potatoes or rice)Continue reading “Adrianna on: Meal Timing”