Debunking Popular Health & Fitness Myths – Part 1

By Adrianna McDonald MYTH #1 DO SIT UPS TO LOSE BELLY FAT Sit ups are definitely great for strengthening your abdominal musclesĀ and lower back, but they won’t melt the body fat from your abdominalĀ area even if you do 100 a day. If your waist is a problem look into yourĀ diet as the truth is ā€œAbsContinue reading “Debunking Popular Health & Fitness Myths – Part 1”

7 Reasons Why Governments (and you!) Should Take Action Against Sugar

This week the British Medical AssociationĀ announced plans to propose a 20% tax on sugary drinks with the funds levied to be used to subsidise the sale of fruit and vegetables. Of course, their proposal is based on a detailed research, the report of which found that poor diet costs UK’s National Health Services 6 billionContinue reading “7 Reasons Why Governments (and you!) Should Take Action Against Sugar”