Adrianna on: Hormones and weight loss

By Adrianna McDonald Hormones are enormously responsible for weight gain. They behave differently depending on which tissue they are acting in and never work in isolation. Estrogen acts different in the brain, in the uterus, and in your fat cells. Other hormones may accentuate or block estrogen’s actions, i.e a large amount of testosterone may decrease estrogen’s impact on femaleContinue reading “Adrianna on: Hormones and weight loss”

All You Need to Know About Superfoods

By Adrianna McDonald Superfoods – what are they? They are nutrient-rich foods with many benefits. They’ve become very popular and it’s only in recent times that they’ve been identified as superfoods with near super powers. And, since everyone is now into organic food, it’s become easier to find these foods in most places where you wouldn’t have foundContinue reading “All You Need to Know About Superfoods”

BMI – Body Mass Index or Be More Intelligent

By Adrianna McDonald This subject came to me recently as I got an email from school (my kids are 5 & 8) saying that due to the health concerns for some students, the school will measure the BMI of pupils to make parents aware of those kids at risk of obesity. I decided this would be good subjectContinue reading “BMI – Body Mass Index or Be More Intelligent”

Mistakes Women Make Trying to Lose Weight

By Adrianna McDonald When it comes to dieting, most people feel frustrated with their fat loss results. This is because typically we tend to jump from one dieting approach to another which can result in either metabolic damage due to yo-yo dieting or a host of hormonal imbalances such as thyroid problems, adrenal fatigue, and diabetes.. With the urge toContinue reading “Mistakes Women Make Trying to Lose Weight”

Adrianna on: Cravings vs. Addiction

By Adrianna McDonald About cravings… All humans at one point or another in their life experience food cravings. Women are especially susceptible because of the hormonal changes throughout their monthly cycle or other stages in their life (pregnancy, menopause). You get this strong desire for a taste of something very specific either it is sugary, salty,Continue reading “Adrianna on: Cravings vs. Addiction”

Protein Powders vs Real Protein

By Adrianna McDonald There is no doubt and never will be about the importance of protein in your diet. It is an essential nutrient that helps the body to build, repair and maintain its organs, cells and tissues. You can meet your daily protein requirements whether you drink shakes and/or eat whole foods, but nutritionContinue reading “Protein Powders vs Real Protein”

Adrianna on: The Truth About Salt

By Adrianna McDonald Previously in the bodybuilding industry, and still in many world organisations, salt is seen as bad but there is a major difference between processed table salt and real sea salt. Sodium (in salt) is an essential electrolyte which carries out vital functions in the body, from maintaining fluid balance and regulating blood volumeContinue reading “Adrianna on: The Truth About Salt”

About protein and why you need it

Last week Adrianna shared with you my over all macro composition in this post. Today we will look at one of those macros and why it should take up the majority of your nutrition plan. Eating protein with every meal will help stabilise your blood sugar levels and keep you feeling full for longer. ThereContinue reading “About protein and why you need it”

7 Reasons Why Governments (and you!) Should Take Action Against Sugar

This week the British Medical Association announced plans to propose a 20% tax on sugary drinks with the funds levied to be used to subsidise the sale of fruit and vegetables. Of course, their proposal is based on a detailed research, the report of which found that poor diet costs UK’s National Health Services 6 billionContinue reading “7 Reasons Why Governments (and you!) Should Take Action Against Sugar”