Recipe: Banana Protein Pancakes

By Adrianna McDonald Simple, quick and easy to make.¬†With just 3 ingredients, these pancakes are healthy and sweet with no sugar added. They come together in a few minutes and make the perfect breakfast or sweet – tooth satisfying dessert. The flavour will vary, depending on the flavour of your protein powder. I used organicContinue reading “Recipe: Banana Protein Pancakes”

Recipe: Tuna Fish Patties

By Adrianna McDonald This¬†recipe¬†is¬†one¬†of¬†my¬†favourite¬†as¬†I¬†¬†always¬†have¬†the¬†necessary¬†ingredients.¬†My¬† whole¬†family¬†loves¬†it.¬†The¬†patties¬†are¬†incredibly¬†easy¬†and¬†quick¬†to¬†make,¬†and¬†they‚Äôre¬†budget friendly¬†too.¬†More¬†so¬†they¬†taste fantastic! Ingredients 1¬†tin¬†of¬†tuna 3tbsp¬†of¬†sweetcorn¬†(organic) 1/2¬†cup¬†oats¬†or¬†breadcrumbs 1¬†teaspoon¬†lemon¬†zest 1¬†Tbsp¬†lemon¬†juice 2¬†Tbsp¬†chopped¬†fresh¬†parsley 2¬†Tbsp¬†chopped¬†fresh¬†chives,¬†green¬†onions,¬†or¬†shallots Salt¬†and¬†freshly¬†ground¬†black¬†pepper or any other seasoning¬†of¬†your¬†liking 1¬†raw¬†egg 2¬†Tbsp¬†coconut¬†or¬†olive¬†oil¬†for¬†cooking Cooking method ¬† Mix¬†all¬†the¬†ingredients¬†together¬†in¬†the¬†big b0wl. Cover¬†with¬†foil¬†and¬†chill¬†in¬†the¬†fridge¬†for¬†an¬†hour) Divide¬†the¬†mixture¬†into¬†4¬†parts¬†or¬†8¬†smaller. With¬†each¬†part,¬†form¬†into¬†a¬†ball¬†and¬†then¬†flatten¬†into¬†a¬†patty. Heat¬†the¬†oil¬†in¬†a¬†cast¬†iron¬†or¬†stick‚Äźfree¬†skillet¬†on¬†medium¬†high. Gently¬†place¬†the¬†patties¬†in¬†the¬†pan,¬†and¬†cook¬†until¬†nicely¬†browned,¬†3‚Äź4¬†minutes¬†on¬† each¬†side. You¬†can¬†cover¬†them¬†in¬†breadcrumbs¬†if¬†you¬†like¬†them¬†crispy¬†and¬†don‚Äôt¬†mind the extra¬†carbs ūüôā

Unexpected Superfoods – A Quick Breakfast Recipe

If you know me,¬† you would ¬†probably know that I love bread! But you also know that I am a sucker for healthy eating and thus have had to research and come up with creative ways to have my favourite foods. So after trying (and reading… a lot!) about all sorts of bready goodness –Continue reading “Unexpected Superfoods – A Quick Breakfast Recipe”

Why You Should Meal Prep

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Have you ever¬†felt that the meal you just bought didn’t really fill you up or didn’t go down very well with your stomach? Have you wondered why you spend so much money on food and yet still struggle to choose something that is healthy, filling and satisfying forContinue reading “Why You Should Meal Prep”