Calorie Counting – Is It Really That Important?

The short answer would be ‘it depends’. If you have had even the tiniest of experiences in weight loss or ‘toning’ your body (i.e. building muscle) you would have been told to stick to your daily calorie target. You would also have been told about the concept of ‘calories in’ vs. ‘calories out’. In orderContinue reading “Calorie Counting – Is It Really That Important?”

Calories and Optimal Food Intake – Part 1

This week we will hear from coach Paul, who has over 7 years experience in the industry,  about how calories fuel our bodies and the importance of using a full range of motion during workouts. “I grew up as an athletic kid, but it took some time for exercise and nutrition to peak my curiosity. Although I wasContinue reading “Calories and Optimal Food Intake – Part 1”