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Thank you for visiting my blog. If you have landed here, most likely you are looking at ways to improve your wellbeing because you care about your health. Well done for taking the time to make health your priority!

As a fitness blogger my top priority is equipping you with the right knowledge and skills so you can achieve optimal health. Knowledge is the first step to empowering you to take control of your health. Without information, we have no awareness of the dangers (and also benefits) that surround us. Without knowledge we can’t take the necessary steps to a healthy, happy long life.


The Internet is a vast ocean of information which can be difficult to navigate. This is why I have launched a new Curated Content page, where I pool together interesting and verified research and articles from world of health & fitness.

Here’s a snippet of what you’ll find on the new page:

Do you believe that the food you eat can directly impact how long you live? It has been long debated, but new research not only proves that this is true, but also shows exactly how the link between food and longevity works.

Here are some excerpts from Dr Michael Greger’s article in the Daily Mail:

Many people assume the diseases that kill us are pre-programmed into our genes. High blood pressure by 55, heart attacks at 60, maybe cancer at 70, and so on . . . But for most of the leading causes of death, our genes usually account for only 10–20 per cent of risk.
The other 80-90 per cent of risk? It’s our diet and lifestyle. The typical Western diet is the number-one cause of premature death and the number-one cause of disability. In other words, a long and healthy life is largely a matter of choice.

However, there is something you can do about it…

But adhering to just four simple healthy lifestyle factors can have a strong impact on the prevention of chronic diseases: not smoking, not being obese, getting half an hour of exercise a day, and eating more healthily (defined as consuming more fruits, vegetables and whole grains and less meat).

Read the full summary and find the link to the detailed article be visiting the Curated Content page.


Are you ready for 2016? A new chapter & a new contributor coming up!

Over the past 6 months I have tried to use this blog as a platform to educate and inspire. Many people have asked the why’s and how’s of healthy living and since I enjoy reading about wellbeing I gathered information and brought to you what in my opinion was key for successfully managing your health.

There have been ups & downs, quiet periods (when life gets too busy) and active periods (when blogging once a week just wasn’t enough). There have been changes in the look and feel and format of the blog.

And yet there are more changes on the way! I’m working on rebranding the blog for next year and adding some more cool visuals. But we don’t have to wait for 2016 to see some exciting new things on Inspired by Miranda.


As the date has been set for my first ever fitness model competition (26th March in case you were wondering), you can expect to see more stories from my journey to the stage – the workouts, the foods, the mental prep.

And what better way to learn about fitness competing than giving you an insight from someone with a lot of experience (and I’m talking about 11 years of personal training) and knowledge – my own coach!

Please join me in welcoming our new contributor – Adrianna McDonald.

See Adrianna in action on her Facebook page here

Adrianna is the perfect embodiment of what this blog stands for: with two kids and an impressive 7 competitions under her belt she knows what dedication, inspiration and empowerment stand for.

Here’s a little bit of her story:

I have always been involved in fitness […]. However, after the birth of my second child and moving swiftly through my 30’s I actually felt a void in achievement. Those around me had their weekly passions – cycling, running, golf, etc., but physical perfection appealed to me the most, purely because of the discipline you got to have.

I did not just want to be another Personal Trainer setting client goals – I wanted to set my own goals through body sculpture especially after having the bodily challenges of childbirth. I wanted to get my body in the best shape possible through what I love doing so I went down the path of actively training to compete.

Those first focused training sessions started 3 years ago. There may not have been blood, but with plenty of sweat and tears I have achieved more that I first thought possible.

Now that is truly a person who lives by the motto: “No excuses!”


I am truly very happy and excited to have Adrianna on board and you can expect to read some of her posts soon!