My Weekly Update – 4 weeks out!

Wow, only  a month left – where does time go? Let’s see how I’ve done this week. Training I think I’ve finally adjusted to the new training schedule and added cardio. There is a lot more focus on squeezing and activating the right muscles to get that definition. I do 15 mins steady cardio post-workoutContinue reading “My Weekly Update – 4 weeks out!”

Exercise of the week: Sled drag

Sled dragging is a great strength and conditioning exercise with many benefits. As there is less muscular tension and reduced joint loading, there is much less risk of injury and muscle damage & soreness. This also makes it a good lower-body rehabilitation exercise for those recovering from knee, ankle or hip injuries.  Doing sled dragsContinue reading “Exercise of the week: Sled drag”

Exercise of the week: Underhand Grip Lat Pulldown

By Adrianna McDonald There’s pretty much no workout without a lat pull down variation. You can change your grip and angle and there are many bars you can choose from. In the video below,  Miranda is doing the supinated ( underhand grip) straight bar variation, which allows her to involve more of the biceps. UsuallyContinue reading “Exercise of the week: Underhand Grip Lat Pulldown”

Learning How to Pose for a Fitness Comp

An important and often overlooked aspect of getting ready for a bikini fitness competition is posing. Although it sounds simple enough, learning how to walk & pose in a way that best showcases your body is an art. There are so many things to think about when on stage – are you smiling? Are yourContinue reading “Learning How to Pose for a Fitness Comp”