3 Things to Think About When Going Abroad to Compete

Travelling to a competition can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time or you’re going alone. The days before the comp you will be tired, hungry and nervous, so it’s important to make sure you have as much comfort as you can afford! Here are three very important things to think aboutContinue reading “3 Things to Think About When Going Abroad to Compete”

My Weekly Update – 1 week out!

Almost there! This time next week I will already be in Barcelona watching the other categories compete on stage. We are entering the last 7 days before the week, peak week as it is called, there is no turning back? What will the next few days hold in store for me? That even I don’tContinue reading “My Weekly Update – 1 week out!”

My Comp Prep – 5 weeks out!

As the clock ticks, here’s my weekly update on my preparation for the Arnold Classic Europe – one of the biggest IFBB events! Training With only 5 weeks to the show, my training programme now has a bit of steady cardio after every workout (as opposed to pretty much no cardio during the maintenance phase).Continue reading “My Comp Prep – 5 weeks out!”

Exercise of the week: Dumbbell Pullover

The pullover is a great and almost forgotten exercise. There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about it – does it work the chest or the lats? This is because the pullover is a compound movement that targets both the chest and the back and is one of the only exercises that works opposingContinue reading “Exercise of the week: Dumbbell Pullover”

Inside the Mind of an Athlete

Taking your hobby or passion to a professional level is not easy. Apart from the increased demands on your time, energy and money, there’s also increased pressure on your grey matter. Doing a competition of any sort is stressful. Just the demands of training and meticulous nutrition planning are enough to bring a generally saneContinue reading “Inside the Mind of an Athlete”

How and What to Eat Pre-Intra-Post Workout

By Adrianna McDonald As I stated before in the article about Nutrition Timing what and when you eat depends on your health and fitness goals. You are unique and what will be right for you, may not be right for someone else. An endurance athlete will eat differently to a bodybuilder who wants to put on sizeContinue reading “How and What to Eat Pre-Intra-Post Workout”