Q&A: How Can I Compete Without Breaking the Bank?

In the last part of our Q&A series we look at the cost of participating in bodybuilding and fitness model competitions through federations, such as the IFBB and WBFF. Our question comes from my friend & instagram follower @leanlioness : how do you do it without breaking the bank!? View this post on Instagram Thanks to allContinue reading “Q&A: How Can I Compete Without Breaking the Bank?”

Q&A: How Can I Get Leaner Thighs?

It’s Thursday once again and time to answer another one of your questions 🙂 Question from @hana_mkb: How can I reduce the size of my thighs? I do follow a healthy diet + I walk every morning (brisk walking). I lost so much weight but my thighs are stubborn. What is the solution? And will havingContinue reading “Q&A: How Can I Get Leaner Thighs?”

Q&A: What is the best diet for abs?

This week we’ll be answering some questions from my Instagram followers (thanks guys!). Question from @themulhaq and @suzyshedid: For flat belly, what will be diet plan? I’m talking about abs, which is the hardest part and there is always confusion about the diet plan, what to eat and not … There is a lot ofContinue reading “Q&A: What is the best diet for abs?”

Q&A: Muscle Soreness and Losing Fat – What am I doing wrong?

It’s Q&A Thursday again 🙂 Let’s look at what the pros have to say… Question 1: Name: Tony City: Kampala,Uganda Question: I once did some sit ups and push ups for a week or so, then my chest started hurting when I continued, from that time I stopped working out. Was I doing the exercise wrong or wasContinue reading “Q&A: Muscle Soreness and Losing Fat – What am I doing wrong?”

Do yoga and squats tone your body?

This week we answer a question from Uganda. PT Kim will answer Ingrid’s questions below: Question: Is basic yoga just stretching or does it do something to your body like tone you? And do squats really make your butt bigger and tighter? What the expert says: Hi Ingrid, Thanks for your two questions on yoga andContinue reading “Do yoga and squats tone your body?”

Q&A with the Experts: Getting Lean and Dealing with Ulcers

In the first part of a series of question & answer posts we will help one reader find the right diet to get lean without aggravating her ulcers. Siddhi’s question will be answered by PT Elliott Speed. Question: Hey Miranda, so my biggest problem is nutrition. I suffer from digestive issues (ulcers in the lining ofContinue reading “Q&A with the Experts: Getting Lean and Dealing with Ulcers”