Forget Crunches, This is How You Get a Thinner Waist

By Adrianna McDonald A small, thin waistline is every girl’s dream. We are all born with different genetics and some are blessed more than others. What most women donโ€™t realize is that traditional crunches and common abdominal exercises can widen your waist instead of slimming it. But there is a way to get a strongerContinue reading “Forget Crunches, This is How You Get a Thinner Waist”

Q&A: What is the best diet for abs?

This week we’ll be answering some questions from my Instagram followers (thanks guys!). Question from @themulhaq and @suzyshedid: For flat belly, what will be diet plan? I’m talking about abs, which is the hardest part and there is always confusion about the diet plan, what to eat and not … There is a lot ofContinue reading “Q&A: What is the best diet for abs?”

Progress Wednesdays – A Little Update on My Handstands Journey

The day I got inspired Earlier this year, after attending a Acro-Yoga class, I set myself the goal of learning how to do a handstand. It took me a while to get started… but eventually I did (with a bit of support of course!). So I started with kicking off a box against the wall,Continue reading “Progress Wednesdays – A Little Update on My Handstands Journey”

Motivation Tuesday: Abs Are Made in The Kitchen

So you have heard the famous saying that abs are made in the kitchen. And that is true – 70 to 80% of your health and fitness goals is achieved through nutrition, leaving a measely 20-30% for fitness. Yet one cannot work without the other. You can lose weight through dieting but you can’t changeContinue reading “Motivation Tuesday: Abs Are Made in The Kitchen”