How This Woman Gave Up Processed Food for a Year—On a $16,780 Salary

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you the trailers of 5 documentaries which have the power to change the way you think about food. Well it’s not just documentaries that can be powerful. In this reblog I share with you a new discovery, a book that can help you embrace a more healthyContinue reading “How This Woman Gave Up Processed Food for a Year—On a $16,780 Salary”

7 Reasons Why Governments (and you!) Should Take Action Against Sugar

This week the British Medical Association announced plans to propose a 20% tax on sugary drinks with the funds levied to be used to subsidise the sale of fruit and vegetables. Of course, their proposal is based on a detailed research, the report of which found that poor diet costs UK’s National Health Services 6 billionContinue reading “7 Reasons Why Governments (and you!) Should Take Action Against Sugar”

Unexpected Superfoods – A Quick Breakfast Recipe

If you know me,  you would  probably know that I love bread! But you also know that I am a sucker for healthy eating and thus have had to research and come up with creative ways to have my favourite foods. So after trying (and reading… a lot!) about all sorts of bready goodness –Continue reading “Unexpected Superfoods – A Quick Breakfast Recipe”

7 Tricks to Eating Healthy While Dining Out

Last week I wrote about the benefits and importance of meal prepping. However, in the real world of busy people like myself sometimes meal prep just doesn’t work out. Too busy, too tired, out of ingredients or simply not in the mood are just few of the reasons. So what do we do then? Well,Continue reading “7 Tricks to Eating Healthy While Dining Out”

It’s Not Just About The Pink Ribbon

This week I pledged to support the Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign by dedicating a post to the second leading cause of death among women. Let’s keep it simple and clear. Spending a few minutes each month doing a breast self-exam (BSE) can save your life. Here are the facts and how to performContinue reading “It’s Not Just About The Pink Ribbon”

Why You Should Meal Prep

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Have you ever felt that the meal you just bought didn’t really fill you up or didn’t go down very well with your stomach? Have you wondered why you spend so much money on food and yet still struggle to choose something that is healthy, filling and satisfying forContinue reading “Why You Should Meal Prep”

Top 5 Documentaries That Will Change The Way You Think About Food

Hi there! How’s your week going? Tough? Bored? Exasperated?! Well if you are in need of a distraction / relaxation / mental refresh then I’ve got something for you 🙂 Why not watch these interesting documentaries and open your eyes to the hidden secretes of the food industry. You would be surprised how much goes onContinue reading “Top 5 Documentaries That Will Change The Way You Think About Food”

How Your Relationship with Food Affects Your Health

In my last post I spoke about how a healthy lifestyle starts from changing your mindset. In a nutshell what I was trying to say was that sometimes we need to re-calibrate our relationship with food in order to truly change our lifestyles for good. This reminded me of a very interesting podcast I heardContinue reading “How Your Relationship with Food Affects Your Health”

This Is Not a Diet Guide

Your body is a temple. I heard this a while back and it just stuck. Although I have been “into” nutrition and fitness for a few years now, it is this quote that was one of the game changers for me. But before I let you in on how to start changing your game (readContinue reading “This Is Not a Diet Guide”