My story

Part 1

Let’s start the new year with some introductions (or re-introductions for those of you who know me 😁). Back in 2020 I graduated with a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Birdgeport and boy was it an achievement!

After almost 3 years of studying at one of the most established Master’s in Nutrition programs in the USA since 1977, I remember sitting for our 10-part final exam as if it was yesterday. Oh the nerves! We had learned so much, I was afraid my brain would melt 😅

From biochemistry and physiology to evidence-based nutrition, nutritional therapeutics and functional & botanical medicine, we covered it all! There was even a virtual clinic at the end, where we put everything we had learned into practice. This was probably my favourite part, along with advanced biochemical assessments and the functional role of nutrients in human health.

But all of these simply confirmed what I already knew from personal experience – that food is medicine and we have the power to manage our own health through the choices we make. Are you a fellow nutritionist or someone who’s just passionate about nutrition? What are your favourite learnings so far?

Part 2

Friends, the road to becoming a #nutritionist is a long one. In part 1 above I spoke about my pretty intense 2.5-year Master’s degree in Human Nutrition, but passing that final exam was not the end.

Following my graduation I pursued a 12-month, 1000+ hours supervised #clinical experience AAANNDD another 200-question board exam to become a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) through the American Nutrition Association.

This is one of the most advanced certifications for #personalized nutrition practitioners. This means that as a CNS I practice #science-based nutrition therapy tailored to each individual’s needs for optimal health. Going through this extensive board #certification has put on a clear, practical perspective on everything I learned during my Master’s degree and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!

*And of course I was very lucky to have completed my clinical supervision hours in a very special place… but more on that later! (i.e. in Part 3)

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