My Weekly Update – 4 weeks out!

Wow, only  a month left – where does time go? Let’s see how I’ve done this week.


I think I’ve finally adjusted to the new training schedule and added cardio. There is a lot more focus on squeezing and activating the right muscles to get that definition. I do 15 mins steady cardio post-workout on most days and a 40 mins session on the weekend.

I don’t spend as much time on stretching and posing practice as I did during the last comp prep, however I do feel better and more confident this time. Of course there is always room for improvement, so I do practice posing about 4 times a week.



I still do get to enjoy carbs (rice & sweet potatoes) after, and sometimes before, my workouts! Definitely helps to keep me sane 🙂 That + coffee. Yep, that is the secret that is keeping me going with the current diet & work schedule – 2 cups of coffee a day on average.

I have spaced my 5 meals a day a bit to compensate for my working hours + evening TV time 😀 and some coffee in between usually does the trick.


Lifestyle / Mindset

Luckily, this week has been fairly easy at work and I have been able to stick to a 9.30ish – 6.30pm-ish schedule. Despite that, I am still relying on melatonin to get some decent sleep. Perhaps I have developed some kind of fear of not falling asleep as discussed in this article from PsychCentral.

I do get about 6 hours a night (on a good night), which is less than the 7-8 hours I used to get before my last competition. However, that came at the expense of my social life (which was limited exclusively to the weekend). This time around, I am spending more time socializing or doing other hobbies such as reading & watching TV.

In the end we all get the same 24 hours, what we do with them is up to us. Here’s a typical working day in my life:

  • 1 hr in bed… waking up, stretching, having my first meal & getting ready for the gym 🙂
  • 1.5 hrs in the gym
  • 1.5 hrs commuting
  • 9 – 10 hrs in the office
  • 2 -3  hrs rest & recreation (reading, working on the blog, catching up with friends & family, lazing in bed 😀 etc.)
  • 1 hr house chores / prep for the next day or for the gym
  • 7 hrs in bed (although falling asleep can take me more than 1 hr sometimes)

Seems like a lot of time when you put it on paper no? You can always find some time for your personal goals 😉

1 thought on “My Weekly Update – 4 weeks out!”

  1. Hello Miranda,

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