Holiday Tips Part 2 – Spicing up Your Diet

Being on holiday means… Fighting temptation!

It doesn’t have to be all tough and rough though. Going on vacation actually gives you opportunities to reinvent your diet dishes and try new ways of cooking.

Being on holiday in the Mediterranean, my protein sources have been predominantly fishy (coming from a person who does not like seafood!). Yep, being on holiday has made me see fish in a whole new light! White fish with roasted pine nuts? Smoked tuna? Wild salmon? Sure why not!

Oh and the vegetables….  They really do taste like vegetables! Getting a plate full of colorful veggies (purple tomatoes and wild broccoli for example) with every meal, without having to cook them yourself? Yup, that’s another benefit of being on holiday – no cooking and loads of variety!

And let’s not forget the drinks. Don’t feel left out or stuck with just water – have unsweetened ice teas and infused waters instead!

So don’t be afraid to go on holiday – you can enjoy the occasional treat, but the best part is you can still follow your diet, you just need to be a bit creative!

Buon appetito!


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