Exercise of the week: Neutral Grip Lat Pulldown

By Adrianna McDonald

Looking to spice up your workout? You can stimulate (and surprise) your muscles in various ways simply by changing your grip for an exercise in the gym. With this you will also reap the benefits of  growth, power or strength gains.

All grip widths on the pulldown bar will hit your lats, but you can use a medium-width underhand (supinated) grip to target the biceps more.



I suggest to play around and find a width that feels most comfortable to you as there is no incorrect width.

A common belief is that a wider grip on the pulldown bar can develop wider lats more than a narrow one. In my opinion when utilizing the back muscles optimally, the wider grip does reduce the shortening process of the exercise which restricts the development overall.



Personally I don’t like sacrificing a whole day to training arms so I use different grips in other exercises to help them grow as well as using compound lifts with specific grips.

If your objective is to add in some extra biceps work while doing lat pulldowns, a medium-grip, triangle or supinated grip is just what I do.



You can mix up grip widths to add subtle variety to your lat pulldowns without feeling as if you’re missing out on the “special” lat building benefit of using a wide grip.

In the video Miranda demonstrates a lat pulldown variation holding a triangle bar which allows you for neutral grip (and is easier on the wrists).

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