The Dangers of Under and Over Eating

Although it’s the holiday season there’s no rest for us here @inspiredbymiranda! This week we hear from industry veteran Kelvin Garner.

“I have been in the Fitness industry since 2006 and have travelled the world learning from the best in the industry. Over this time I have step by step generated my own system to provide world class results in body composition and transformations.

The step by step strict approach has lead me to being a leader in the industry across the Middle East. Since 2010 Pinnacle Performance was created by myself and built up each step of the way. I have implemented my systems with all my specialised coaches to ensure they are providing results at a high standard.”


    Our modern day way of life is leading the general population to the extremes. This is causing more and more health and nutrition problems. I rarely meet people these days that I can say live a standard normal life. We get various reasons given to us and I am sure you can relate to some of the reasons listed below:
  • Work is very stressful
  • Family stress
  • Relationships
  • Lack of sleep
  • Not enough time in the day
  • Kids take up all my time
  • No Energy
  • Mentally drained
  • No motivation
  • I am already slim so why do I need to bother
  • I have tried and nothing works
  • Food makes me fat

As modern society continues to develop and evolve we are also developing more and more health issues due to the poor quality foods we are eating on a day to day basis. One serious issue we are finding is that a large number of people are under eating daily which is actually leading them to serious illnesses such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, thyroid disfunction and other general hormonal imbalances.

On the other hand, there is the extreme case of over eating is which we see mainly in businessmen. It’s not always a daily thing but when it happens over business lunches and dinners which are normally 3 course meals including alcohol the extreme amount of calories really put the body under unneeded stress. Blood sugar levels will be at an all time high and the pancreas is put under so much stress to produce insulin to utilize the blood sugar. Unless you supplement with insulin your body is not able to naturally produce enough so the excess blood sugar will eventually be stored as fat.

So how can you avoid all of this? Here are my tips to ensure you eat enough (not more,  not less):

  • Do blood test to see if you have any of the common culprits which affect your physical wellbeing (e.g. A1C, Fasting Insulin, Fasting blood sugar, Thyroid, etc)
  • Start your day with protein and fat to ensure you can stabilize your blood sugar and not have a sudden drop (sugar crash)
  • Space out your meals evenly during the day
  • Don’t over eat at one meal so that you are too full to eat your next meal
  • Drink plenty of water during the day
  • Start with 4 meals per day and when you’re  consistent you can make small increments on the amounts or add a 5th meal
  • Eat 200g of vegetables with each meal
  • Remember consistency is the key and it’s a step by step process
  • Be mentally strong and remember your next meal is only 2-3 hours away

If you have any questions you can contact Kelvin on


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