Exercise of the week: Vertical Leg Press

The Vertical Leg Press provides an impressive platform for obtaining huge muscle gains through isolated lower body workouts. It allows for stance variations to target different muscle groups at greater intensity.

Vertical leg presses have the potential to really work the gluteal muscles. There is significantly more leg and hip flexion on the vertical leg press machine versus a standard squat.

A wider stance (like in the video) will put more emphasis on the inner thigh muscles and your VMO’s will be screaming!

Greater depth or flexion create greater activation of the glutes.

To get all the advantages of a vertical leg press machine, you have to be able to perform it correctly.

Here’s how:

  1. Begin by lying on the back pad with your hips positioned beneath the weights (on the curvy bit)
  2. Place your feet on the platform (a wide stance in the video)
  3. Push up to lift the weights and disengage the lock then grasp the handles
  4. Engage your abdominal muscles then bend your knees to slowly lower the weights until your knees are near full flexion (with back glued to the pad)
  5. Push through your heels to extend your legs and press the weights back up to the starting position

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