Supplementation 101: Amino Acids

Yet another pro on the list of contributors of this blog. This week we will hear from Elliott Speed on the importance of supplementation and personal training.


“Since a very early age I have been an avid sportsman, which led me into both playing and coaching at a very high level. This has implemented a thorough understanding of the high standards, dedication and motivation required within elite personal training. A strong body and healthy lifestyle is within everybody’s reach and I am devoted to assisting others to achieve their fitness goals in a way which works for their lifestyle.”

Unfortunately in the world that we live in there are many variables that can actually have a serious negative effect on our bodies. A lot of these factors are unknown by a large number of people. These include pollution, hormones and fertilisers used on the produce that we eat, smoking, drinking alcohol and many more. 

The impact these elements have on our bodies is incredible as they can actually prevent us from properly digesting our food, meaning we can not function at our full potential. If this was not bad enough these factors can also cause a lot of the nutritional values of our food to be lost before it can even be eaten. 

Due to this we must find other sources to ensure that we are efficient with the food that we eat. This is where supplementation can be extremely beneficial for the body. There are many people who believe that supplementation is not necessary, however there has been substantial research carried out on the benefits of Aminos more so than many other supplements and I believe that any supplement that can improve your life and fitness by even 1 percent is worth it.


When discussing supplements, one of the most renown products on the market is Amino Acids. When dieting the body is in a catabolic phase meaning that it is breaking down muscle. The reason this happens is because the body breaks down protein to use the amino acids as a form of fuel. 

If the body breaks down protein faster than it can synthesise it you begin to lose lean muscle, this is where supplementing with Branched Chained Amino Acids(BCAA’S) can be very helpful. BCAA’s will actually stimulate protein synthesis whilst also preventing breakdown meaning that a person can diet whilst maintaining their muscle to create a more toned body when losing fat. 

Many supplements advertise a lot of false promises but do not provide results, however BCCA’s are not one of these products and should definitely make an appearance in your gym bag. 

BCAA’S are not the only Amino Acid supplement with major benefits, there are also EAA’S(Essential Amino Acids). EAA’s have numerous benefits to the body these include recovery and repair of muscle which essentially leads to growth. Similar to BCAA’s they also prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue. These factors are very helpful when exercising for long periods of time. 

Research on EAA’s has also shown that they can actually be used by the body as an energy source when required, this can lead to the muscles becoming less fatigued when training at high levels of intensity, ultimately allowing you to work out for longer with a better quality of performance. 

By supplementing with both these products it is inevitable that your performance will improve and your results will be improved.  

2 thoughts on “Supplementation 101: Amino Acids”

  1. Great read. I love the ON energy too! I make ice lollies with it as well. Yum! I had a question what shaker do you use. I seem to break mine with weeks….. Any tips?


    1. Hi. Glad you liked it! With shakers, you might have to shop around and try a few. I personally like the smart shakers, but as with most with heavy use they need to be replaced every few months. Good luck!

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