Is Weight Training for Everyone?

By Adrianna McDonald

In my honest opinion, yes -absolutely!

Weight training with a structured, well balanced program for gradually building up strength offers great benefits to health and physical development. It is one of the best tools for building up your confidence and mental resilience.

I believe it should be part of everyone’s lives. The benefits of gaining strength through such training are visible in many aspects of everyday life, such as:

  • getting up from a chair;
  • walking and running;
  • playing with our children;
  • helping us with daily tasks and activities without suffering from joint pain;
  • sleeping better and waking up full of energy;
  • having a great physique or losing few kg;


What’s even more remarkable is that strength training helps us stay nimble and resilient as we age. Exercise and especially weight training is the best anti-aging  product you can find.

I surely don’t feel my age and look younger as well 😊


Ideally you should do strength training focusing on large muscle groups 3+ times a week, 45mins-1h each time to increase growth hormone secretion.

Strength training induces the development of additional new muscle cells and more resilient tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Added strength improves neuromuscular control, which in turn protects you from injury, especially important for the back, since lower-back pain is often caused by weakness of the abdominals and/or back .

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