5 of the Best Exercises When You’re Short on Time

Written by Sam Frohlich

As much as we would like to have all the time in the world to workout, life doesn’t always work that way. Other external factors occur from time to time. That workout plan that you needed an hour for, now has to be squeezed in to 20-40 minutes.

So what to do in this situation? You’re short on time but still want all the benefits of an awesome session. Well fear not, my friend. All it takes is to be more selective with your exercises.

Here are my 5 favourite exercises to perform when you’re short on time:

1. Farmers Walk

Pick up two heavy implements and go for a walk. That’s it! Dumbbells, kettlebells or farmers walk handles are all good here.  Keep an upright posture throughout and walk in a straight line for 30-45 seconds. Drop the weight, rest for a minute and repeat 3-5 times. If done correctly, your shoulders, traps, back, forearms, legs and core should be smoked.  Your heart rate will be up too creating an added fat burning effect.


2. Deadlifts

The King of exercises! Load a bar, pick it up off the floor and put it back down. Pick a decent weight (0.75-1 x Bodyweight) and aim for 8-12 reps with a 60-90s break. Your whole body will be working during these and don’t expect to catch your breath until it’s all over!


3. Push Press

A shoulder exercise mainly. The strict press also works the back and core as they help to stabilise the shoulders. Make it a push press and the lower body gets involved too! Bring a bar to your sternum, brace your core and glutes and push the bar above your head. You could aim for 6-8 strict reps and then 2-3 with a push. For those looking for more,turn it into a squat to press and let me know how you feel!


4. Walking Lunges

Find a 40m track and lunge constantly for 5 minutes with your hands on your head. Too easy? Stick a bar on your back and give me 2 sets of 100 lunges. I would save these till the end if I was you.


5. Sled pushes

Save the best (worst) till last! The sled is a gruelling tool that makes even the hardest trainers fall to their knees. Load the sled to a weight that you can sprint with for 2 lengths/around 20s. Rest 40-60s and go again. 10-15 minutes will be plenty. How long it will take you to drag you body of the floor is a different matter!

So there you have it. My top 5 exercises for when you’re short on time. Of course, don’t plan to be short on time but if it happens, don’t panic! You can still have an amazing session in a shorter time and not be late to your next appointment!


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