Lessons from a Legend

With the passing of Muhammed Ali, the world mourns the loss of an invincible athlete, irrepressible activist and a great human being. He challenged preconceptions and fought till the end.

There is a lot we can learn from this legend, but here are the top picks of words of wisdom:

Lesson one: Believe in yourself!

I Am The Greatest I Said That Even Before I Knew I Was – Personal Development Quote

Lesson two: Don’t waste time.


Lesson three: The devil is in the details – don’t underestimate ‘little’ things.

Muhammad Ali Quote

Lesson four: There is no easy way. Success comes with hard work.


Lesson five: Be graceful, even if you have power.

1335490820_lgpp31685 float-like-a-butterfly-muhammad-ali-poster

And just for fun 🙂 Be fierce!


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