Exercise of the week: Single Leg Squat

This exercise can be very difficult if you were to do it on its own or using dumbbells or a barbell. If you have access to a hack squat machine where you can rest your back against it, the exercise becomes easier, yet challenging enough, just like in the video below:



This exercise is great for building symmetry between your legs.  Single-leg squats can also be a great way to detect imbalances between your legs and will help you identify which leg is stronger / weaker. It also improves overall balance and proprioception (your body’s ability to sense stimuli regarding its position, motion & balance).

You can use the variation in the video to target glute and hamstrings by putting most of the weight on to the heel.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Step under the pad with back firmly pushed against the backrest.
  2. Choose an appropriate weight (keep it light) and place one foot on to the platform and the other one off the ground.
  3. Lower down slowly by bending the knee and hip while keeping most of the weight on your heel.
  4. On the return up, drive through the foot, pushing it away from you while extending the leg.

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