How to Stop Binge Eating After a Competition or Reaching Your Goal

By Adrianna McDonald

In the past few years I came across many “dieters”. The goals were from fitness competitions and photoshoots to specific events such as weddings. What worries me the most is what happens to their “diet” after they’ve achieved their goal?

I know for the fact that long term restrictions will end at some point with a massive binge! Most of us do it, even I do it!!!

Binges come more often when we are insecure, lonely, scared or bored. But how and when to stop is the question.


As humans we like rebelling and when we are told we cannot eat something, it then becomes a very tempting “forbidden fruit”(we all know that story). Once we reach our goal and the strict plan we followed finally comes to an end, we end up feeling lost and with no control over the next few days. The floodgates open and the binge starts. It’s common knowledge in the bodybuilding world that after a competition we go for a cheat meal! But very often without another goal (or competition), that becomes a cheat week or month…

For someone like myself this becomes a vicious circle but each time it is easier to get back on track. I also have the knowledge on when and how to stop. We all have a desire to look good and feel good and improving one’s physical appearance can be life-changing but only if it is sustainable.

We all have the necessity to experience pleasure either from sport related activities, extreme thrills, sex, alcohol or food.

No one is going to give up something pleasurable long-term without any notable result or outcome. Progress, achievement, acknowledgment etc. all creates pleasure. Being in shape is largely a choice we make.

Diet concept

So, how do we achieve this without completely eliminating the foods which leave a taste of fear and guilt, therefore making them more desirable?

Here are a few tips:

1. First, your diet should be varied. That will help our body to avoid stagnation and provide you with a variety of nutrients with little treats every now and then to keep you sane.

2. Avoid excessive and chronic caloric deficits. You need to create sustainable plans that you can succeed with. The feeling of success is one that replicates itself. It will keep you on track and focused on your goal.

3. Create another goal. Either it is your next competition, photoshoot or event. Stay focused and stay on track. It helps to have someone you can be accountable to like a personal trainer/coach, nutritionist, etc.

4. If your eating is related to your feelings, focus on what triggers your emotions. Instead of trying to resist or deny your thoughts and feelings, try to redirect them. Determine your true needs and what kind of healthy move you can make in order to take care of that need and stop the emotional eating.

We are all unique with our imperfections trying to live a perfect life but we should learn to accept our life exactly as it is.

Stay Fabulous, Stay You!!!!

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