By Adrianna McDonald

As you already know Miranda won her first ever bikini-fitness competition, which I’m very proud of. As a coach it is a great feeling as the journey was ours and I watched her taking on the challenge like a truth trooper and handling it with grace.

I did also participate at the very same competition (British Nationals) in Bikini Masters category and took 3rd place. Now, I was told that my body was looking a bit too hard for what was required.

This was my 8th competition and my body has changed massively over the past 4 years of competing. I did ask for feedback. Bikini is the category I feel the most comfortable in and to be honest I do feel I crossed the line and looked leaner than ever.

Thanks to the judges, I now know what needs to be changed. Some like it, some don’t but I always felt that it is me who has to be happy with the way I look. In this case works both ways as I preferred myself a bit softer so now I’ll be working on it.


The competition world is very subjective and many factors play major role in the way you are being judged – that’s right JUDGED and COMPARED (two things we hate).

Your body, bikini, make-up, hair, skin, tan and the way you move, or your “posing”, all need to look perfect on stage. Overall, everything will be judged and if you miss one ingredient, you’ll be marked down and months of preparation would have gone down the drain.

Remember, even if you don’t win the journey will be worthwhile for your own sense of achievement.

We are constantly judged on a daily basis on the way we look, act, etc. And more so today, with social media being flooded by girls getting ready to step on stage for a bikini competition it feels like this is the “thing” to do.

Everyone’s motive is different, some do it for confidence, challenge, or even for fame…

The reality is:  it’s extremely demanding, expensive, and time-consuming and it should be thoroughly thought about.

If you are thinking about doing a bikini competition this is what you should consider:

  1. Reason?

Ask yourself why do I want to do it? What do I expect from it? Can I cope if I don’t place? Many girls feel defeated after not placing and they feel very disappointed, that can bring about negative feelings towards one’s self.

You have to be ready emotionally for any outcome and be able to handle negative feedback.

Just because it looks great on social media and may increase the number of your followers, it should not be the reason to do it! Your motivation should be far more substantial.

Do it from your heart and with passion. Do it because you want to test your limits and achieve a higher level of fitness.

Be your own motivation and be proud of yourself. There are many competitions and you should take your time, wait until you are ready in every aspect, and do it for the right reasons!

  1. Are you mentally ready?

In the weeks leading up to show day your willpower, motivation, confidence, and body image will be put to the test and you will be  pushed to the limit.

Be sure that you are not using competing as a way to “get fit quick”, because 9 times out of 10, that mentality backfires.

You also should be comfortable in your own skin and have a healthy relationship with food before even considering competing. Keep in mind that  not many people in normal life look like they look on stage!

  1. Are you physically ready?

Even though bikini is the least muscular of all the divisions, it is still bodybuilding, which means that you should have some significant muscle mass when you step on stage. Your weight training and cardio intensity and/or frequency will increase over the course of prep, all the while your food intake is (most likely) decreasing.

While you are trying to lose body fat and keep your muscle mass, it hard to do so if you are on a traditional weight-loss diet. Take time to build the muscle first so then you have excess muscle mass that you may lose during the last weeks of comp prep.

  1. Are you financially ready?

It’s so expensive!  You will have  to pay for:

  1. Federation registration
  2. Show registration
  3. Coach (weeks of training)
  4. Spray tan
  5. Competition suit
  6. Heels
  7. Jewellery
  8. Hair
  9. Make-up
  10. Supplements
  11. Travelling and accommodation (if you are competing abroad or different city)
  12. Other beauty treatments (nails, massage, waxing, etc)

I hope this piece of advice will find you all well. At the end I’d like to ‘stress’ the importance of your COACH!!! Make sure you can trust them, rely on them and be able to confide in them as the journey is for the both of you!!!!

p.s. I’d like to thank my coach Kelvin Garner for being there for me 😉


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