Exercise of the week: Deficit Bulgarian Split Squat

First week back in the gym and hitting the legs straight away!

Unilateral exercises can be used to add variety to workouts & make you break a sweat (yeah, you know that pounding heart feeling when you do lunges… yep I don’t like it too!). However, getting stronger at single-leg workouts will transfer over to bilateral workouts.



Enter the Dumbbell Deficit Bulgarian Split Squat 😀
This exercise has an additional benefit of increasing single-leg stability and flexibility throughout a larger range of motion.

  • Use steppers to create a height deficit and place in front of a bench.
  • Hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides. Standing on top of the platform, reach back and place the top of the foot on the top of the bench. 80% of the weight should be kept over the front foot and 20% weight on the rear foot.
  • Lower down under control until your knee slightly touches the floor or a couple inches from it. Keep your torso upright.
  • Then drive through the heel of the front foot, back to the starting position.
    Keep head, pelvis, and spine neutral throughout the range of motion.

Enjoy the burn!

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