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On Stage


Last week I won my first ever bikini fitness competition.

Wow! I still can’t believe it!

Being on stage was a surreal experience & a mix of emotions.

First, all the girls in my category had to line up at the front of the stage and we had to do the quarter turns. I was so nervous (and thirsty!) that I could feel my heart beating in my chest and my legs soft like jelly.


Yet I managed to do most of the things I had practised to do – smile, keep my belly in and hold all the poses correctly. I made sure to look at the judges too. One thing I struggled with was keeping my shoulders down (yep, you can hear my coach screaming in the video below).

Then we were called in groups of 4 for comparisons. I misheard my number the second time and went out twice 😀 ooops!

After this we were all back in a line at the front for one last round of comparisons. By this point I could feel my body shaking and keeping the poses (especially the side twist) was really becoming a challenge.

Once this phase of the comparisons was done, we were all given medals for participation and asked to go backstage.


And then things started moving fast! The top 3 athletes were immediately called back to perform their individual T-walk, followed by more comparisons and winner announcement.

As we were waiting on the stage, I was happy to have placed in the top 3 and pretty much expected to get 3rd place. But then they called one of the other girls…. So I thought I would get second place… And then they called the girl next to me and I just couldn’t believe it!

I had to laugh out loud. “You must be joking,” I thought.

Yet here I was, a winner, despite the nervousness and the little mistakes on stage!


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