The rest is history…

17th April 2016

Liverpool, UK

The big day.

I woke up earlier than expected, buzzing with anticipation. I packed my backstage bag, took a shower and had a meal. I tried my best to enjoy the calm before the storm.

And then I was off… First I did my tanning. Let’s just say spray tanning is not the most comfortable experience. I had to let the tan dry and come back after an hour for a second coat. The make up session which followed was definitely more fun!

I then joined my family and friends to watch the other categories competing (including my lovely coach, Adrianna) on stage… By which point I was starving and was allowed to a granola bar (hello sugar & carbs!). This wasn’t enough though, so I had a meal of chicken and rice.

The long wait was excruciating – going from excited to nervous to tired. I just couldn’t wait to be over with it! After 4 hours it was finally time for me to go backstage.

I had to retouch my tan and pump my muscles. Luckily my coach noticed that my armpits were turning green after all my nervous sweating :O

Once we were put in line behind the stage, I realised how thirsty I was from the water depletion… I don’t think I’ve ever had so little water in a day.

But there wasn’t much time to contemplate. I briefly said hello to my friend who came off stage (she was competing in another category) and it was time to go.

And the rest is history!

Despite the nervousness I managed to come out on top 🙂

More details to follow…



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