Less than 24 Hours To Comp!

Here it is – the last day before the comp…. And it is almost over!

I flew in to the UK on Friday morning and spent the day pretty much between bed & sofa, with the exception of a brisk walk in the cold and rain.

However, braving the bad weather was rewarded with a nice steak and hot cuppa 🙂

Little did I know it was my last “no carb day”… Well I was too tired & sleepy to know any better!

Today, the day started well – I had finally caught up on sleep and got to eat eggs for breakfast! Yes, eggs finally after months of dairy-free diet 😀 Today was also the day that I had my last steak before the comp…

Of course, you can’t have too much of a good thing and there’s always a catch… It was the begin of my water depletion period! Today I can only drink 1 liter of water in order to flush water under the skin and make my muscles stand out.

It’s tough, especially for someone like me who is used to drinking 3-4 liters of water a day, but I got another bonus – enter carbs! My 2nd and 3rd meals today had 150grams of white rice… Boy did it feel good to taste the flavor of rice again!

I’m lucky to be in a beautiful place to distract me from all of this and, most importantly, to be surrounded by people who support me.

In the afternoon we went hunting for food with my coach, family and friends. It was funny to see a bunch of us reading labels in Marks & Spencer’s 😀

This was followed by a lovely walk and a few extra sips of water (I’m down to my last 250ml for the day :o).

And tomorrow? It will be a crazy day – my water intake will remain to be restricted and I will have a busy schedule from the morning starting with hair, tanning, registration and make-up before stepping on stage in the afternoon!


Wish me luck guys!

Will update you as soon as I have recovered (and enjoyed plenty of sweet treats), but do check my Instagram for more posts on the day 🙂

xo WW

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