Fitness, Motivation

Last Workout Before the Big Day!

262 workouts.

1.16 million kg lifted, pushed & dragged.

9% body fat dropped.


On April 19th 2015 I embarked on a long journey. I entered the world of weight lifting and bodybuilding.

The first 6 months involved building muscle and lifting technique.

The last 6 months focused on fine tuning my nutrition and shaping my body.

I have been lucky to start with a really good base, since I was involved in sport & fitness since a young age and stayed consistently active.


Although the journey was an uphill struggle, I am glad I did not have to take any extreme measures some other athletes have had to take to get in top shape.

Now it’s time to rest and shine on stage! But what I am really looking forward to is all the yummy things I will eat the day after 😀

See you on the other side! xo





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