Exercise of the week: Shoulders Triple Set

The superset is a classic method that has been used for decades. There are many variations but for this post, we will focus on the triple set otherwise known as Triple Threat Protocol. This system works well for both hypertrophy and body composition changes. In other words, you can get big and lean at the same time!

Triple Threat Protocols are a great way to:

  • Add volume to your workout, which can increase hypertrophy.
  • Pump the muscles, which has been shown to increase muscle size due to cellular swelling.
  • Add a new challenge to increase training variety and keep your workouts more interesting and fun.
  • Get more work done in less time.

In our video above you can see a triple set working the shoulders, using the following exercises:

1. Front to back shoulder press
2. Seated lateral raises
3. Standing front raises

All three work the front of the shoulders, providing maximum overload on this specific muscle group. Why would you want to do that? You can find a few reasons below:

When designing a shoulder training routine for someone who desires greater shoulder width, the main focal point of their training should be on the medial deltoids. The medial deltoid, also known as the side deltoid head, is the piece of muscle that causes the shoulder to have a nice “capped” look, when well developed.

A shoulder workout that is focusing primarily on the medial deltoids should consist of multiple pressing movements and also lateral raises. Overhead pressing movements are the best mass builders for the shoulders and should be included in every shoulder workout. –

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